Sick Crow store is a creative project born in 2017 by Nora Black.

The works created in this brand are influenced by the tattoo culture, urban art and a small kitsch/kawaii touch mixed with and alternative aesthetic.

Always looking to create special pieces and most times in limited edition.

All designs and products are worked with love and always taking care of all the details.

I don't perform high productions, since I prefer to offer a more exclusive and close creative work.

I truly believe in the nature of shopping small and supporting people doing awesome things.


Hi! I'm Nora, the one behind the creation and production of this brand.

I was born in Barcelona in 1991, and since a child I knew my passion was drawing, create and design.

After my artistic studies, courses of different drawing styles and clay modeling, and with an Artistic Jewelery Title, I decided to work on the creation of a brand in which could unite many of my passions, because  I knew this project would develop my creativity even more and would make me feel a complete and happy person.

I'm very grateful with all the support received and I hope you like the work I always do with such dedication and love.